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Pablo Yoder has dedicated his life to the furtherance of the kingdom of God. For the past twenty-seven years, he has worked among the Nicaraguan people to bring a message of Jesus’ love.

On August 15, 2022, he was diagnosed with stage-four kidney cancer. Now, in the sunset of his life, he shares life lessons he has learned with those of us who remain.

This interview has been done by Zack Johnson, along with the assistance of Clark Wray from the Followers of the Way church in Boston, Massachusetts. We thank them for the use of this video production.
  • 00:12 Day One
  • 06:14 Marriage on a Mission
  • 10:52 Costa Rica to Waslala, Nicaragua
  • 12:54 Was it worth it?
  • 15:23 Day Two
  • 15:30 A Dog Named Goliath
  • 17:27 A Passion for Nature
  • 20:01 Life Story Continued
  • 20:55 Church Planter and Evangelist
  • 21:58 After the robbers came, the converts came
  • 23:50 A robbery per soul? That’s not bad.
  • 24:37 Advice for Hard Moments
  • 27:14 Observations on Mission Mistakes
  • 28:27 Even if it meant death
  • 30:39 Daily Routines
  • 34:46 Singing Family
  • 36:46 Pablo’s Heart Songs
  • 37:56 Role as an Author
  • 40:00 Advice for Aspiring Authors
  • 43:09 Life Heroes
  • 45:55 Dealing with Death
  • 49:56 Farewell Messages for Friends
  • 54:08 Who will go?
  • 59:12 Hear the Call!
  • 1:00:36 Ready to Rest


On March 27, 2021, Pablo Yoder joined Strength to Strength to outline what it means to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). This two-part event highlights proactive peace-making and loving your enemies, illustrated through first hand experiences. Each session concludes with a Question & Answer period.

Pablo Yoder pic

Pablo Yoder is an author of numerous books, a testament to his wide expertise and passions. His books range from his love of nature such as “The Work of Thy Fingers,” biographical sketches such as “Unconditional Surrender,” inspirational works such as “Footprints of Christ,” and personal journeys such as “Angels in the Night.”

Pablo grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and moved to Costa Rica as a child. After marriage, Pablo and his wife Euni were blessed with six children and moved to plant a church in Waslala, Nicaragua.

Of particular note, between 1995 and 2000, Pablo and his family have lived through dozens of tests of faith while encountering robberies and death threats in Nicaragua. His responses are predictably creative and consistently filled with love for his enemies.

Pablo lives in Nicaragua with his wife Euni and six children.

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