Strength to Strength welcomed Anan Twijjukye to share his testimony of coming to Jesus.

Anan lived a very chaotic life as young teenager, trapped in addictions, particularly pornography, which is a habit he caught when he was still a dancer and entertainer in clubs. Having grown up in nominal Christian family, he considered himself a Christian, and went to church. But his life took a turn when a Christian challenged his walk and introduced the Scriptures.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Resource: Antioch Resource Center

Anan Twijjuke profile pic

Anan Twijjukye is a young man of many talents. As a part owner of ThriveX Digital Marketing he has a passion for helping small businesses establish a robust online presence. Based in Kampala Uganda, ThriveX has a vision of providing an environment of discipleship and employment for the local church as well as creating a strong business support structure for church planting efforts throughout Africa.

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