Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Crystal Miller, Susan Schlabach and Charlene Stoltzfus for a panel discussion on ways sisters can serve others in specific roles.

  • Crystal will be sharing on members on the foreign fields and the vital roles that sisters can play.
  • Susan will speak on those in leadership positions and ways sisters can walk alongside, encourage, be there for, and minister to.
  • Charlene will be talking about single sisters and their important role in the Kingdom and how we can serve them.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Crystal Miller

I live in Central Kansas with my husband John and daughter Jenna.

I am passionate about being a part of growing God’s kingdom by supporting those who are living overseas as well as investing in God’s work on the home front.

My husband and I find great joy in facilitating support teams for God’s workers from our church, whether that means supporting from afar or welcoming them home again.

I come alive through studying the Bible, prayer, nurturing children, investing in relationships and tending my plants.

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Charlene Stoltzfus

I never expected to reach the age of thirty-four – unmarried. By this time, I was to be working beside my husband in some African country like Sudan or Kenya along with our half-a-dozen children. But as we all know, our journeys with God often take us the unexpected route to a destination different than we may have chosen. To be honest, singleness has opened doors and gifted me with a myriad of opportunities and adventures! Interesting communities, kindred spirits, so many delightful and exasperating children… And yet it can, essentially, be a lonely journey. As in other life paths, singleness is easier when there are people walking beside you who value you and your contribution to the kingdom. As sisters in Christ (whether married or single), how do we “walk together”?

I am currently living in my home community of Lancaster County, PA. This is my twelfth year of teaching, and I am blessed to be able to spend so much of my time doing something I love!

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Susan Schlabach

I’ve been married to Delbert 34 years. Southwestern Ohio is home, although I was born and lived many of my years in northern IN. We both lived in Central and South America as teens and older, and met there.

God gave us four daughters, then two sons. Three daughters are married, awarding us seven grandchildren. One daughter serves in Ireland and one in Liberia. I grew up overshadowed by three accomplished older sisters, and began to believe I would never be old enough. But now, just like God, He places me – the oldest lady in our congregation.

We process life in a retail business, in local church ministry, and on a mission board. I find pleasure in writing and editing the ladies’ column of a church periodical. Demands on our lives feel huge sometimes, but we’re plugged in to the God Who prunes, heals, redeems, and empowers.  My ultimate joy would be to have Him say of me as He said of Mary, “she has done what she could.”

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