Masoretic Text versus Septuagint: A Translator’s Perspective

Strength to Strength welcomed Adam Boyd to discuss the selection of Old Testament text sources. In light of the increased attention the Septuagint has received in recent years, Adam discusses what role the Septuagint should have in translating the Old Testament into English and other languages, including whether or not it should replace the Masoretic Text…

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Behind the Scenes:
History, Vision/Mission, Exciting Update in Interview with S2S

Reagan Schrock from Anabaptist Perspectives joins us at the table to interview us on how Strength to Strength got started (did you know what S2S was originally called!?). We lay out the vision and mission, and also get into what's currently happening at here. We wrap up with talking about something we have been working…

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History, Vision/Mission, Exciting Update in Interview with S2S

The First Great Commission

Strength to Strength welcomed Jon* to discuss reaching the unreached. Many Christians are familiar with Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. However, there's another great commission in the gospels, and it occurs before the well-known "Go Ye Therefore." When Jesus saw the unreached multitudes, he gave a commission to all his disciples for all time: "Pray…

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God Wins at Midnight

Strength to Strength welcomed Glenn Martin to explore a little-known Messianic prophesy. What does the final plague of Egypt have in common with the Incarnation? What does the Wisdom of Solomon offer to bring together these two accounts? And what classic Christmas hymn do we sing that foretells the birth of the Messiah by invoking the…

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Our World and Our Wealth

Strength to Strength welcomed John D. Martin to discuss what sacrificialism in finances looks like. Join us for a heart-searching message on possessions. This message is intended to encourage Christians everywhere to spend more on helping the needy. The kingdom calls for it. In this Talk, John D. Martin will challenge this generation to be the…

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Building Healthy Church Culture

Strength to Strength welcomed Bill Shiley to discuss what church life should and can be, and how to get there. Often, when we think about culture, our discussions center around dress, vehicles, technology, etc. The problem is that Jesus and the apostles don't really spell out a lot of details on many of the specifics we…

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