Strength to Strength welcomed Charlton Sweazy to introduce and discuss a new Bible study course.

Many people don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the storyline of the Bible. As a result they blindly follow false teachers who strip them of their money, life and dignity while fanning a false hope of a better future. We believe everyone should understand the storyline of the Bible from creation to new creation, freeing them to love and create a better world without being stripped of their possessions by scamming pastors.

The new “Creation to New Creation” (C2NC) Bible study course is no ordinary course where you go and do as you please. Instead, the goal is deep, biblical transformation over time.

We want to empower and equip Gospel-informed disciples of the Kingdom to answer the call to a serious and holy witness for our King Jesus.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Charlton Sweazy family profile pic

You cannot meet Charlton Sweazy without sensing his passion for the kingdom of God and church planting.

His family spent seven years in Uganda and helping to establish a kingdom church in Kampala, and was the driving vision behind the Antioch Resource Center, a discipleship platform.

The soon-to-be-released “Creation to New Creation” (C2NC) Bible study course is a testament to his diligent study of Scripture and love for Jesus and His kingdom.

Charlton, his wife Natasha, and their ten children recently relocated to the Boston area to serve as director at The Bridge English Learning Center, an immigrant resource center.

NOTICE: We will put a notice here when C2NC becomes publicly available.

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