S2S Events

S2S Events feature two-part topics of particular interest.

Upcoming S2S Events

We presently have two S2S Events scheduled:

March 126:00 AM ET: S2S Event – (to be announced)
3:00 PM ET: S2S Event – (to be announced)
May 76:00 AM ET: S2S Event – “The Remnant According to Paul – part 1” by Adam Boyd
3:00 PM ET: S2S Event – “The Remnant According to Paul – part 2” by Adam Boyd

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Past S2S Events

Patriotic Ambassadors: Plundering the Strong Man’s House

Chuck Pike pic

November 6, 2021, Chuck Pike joined us for a two-part event to discuss expanding the borders of the kingdom of God. Each session concludes with a Question & Answer period.

Leveraging Business for Kingdom Advance

Finny Kuruvilla family pic

April 24, 2021, Finny Kuruvilla outlined how business can be leveraged for advancing Jesus’ kingdom.

In the last ten to twenty years, business has come to the foreground for its potential to alleviate global poverty in a more sustainable and dignified manner compared to traditional charity. This two-part event was both stimulating and engaging regardless of your place in the business world.

Enemy Love

Pablo Yoder pic

March 27, 2021, Pablo Yoder outlined what it means to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). This two-part event will highlight proactive peace-making and loving your enemies, illustrated through first hand experiences. Each session concludes with a Question & Answer period.

Christians & Politics: A Challenge From History

Dean Taylor pic

February 13, 2021, Dean Taylor surveys the landscape of Christian involvement in politics, taking a historical approach to expose the devastating results when Christians get involved in the political arena. Each session concludes with a Question & Answer period.

Kingdom Answers for Today

David Bercot pic

January 9, 2021, three brothers discuss how to exploit this time for the kingdom. In the keynote address, David Bercot discusses the unstable times we live in and projects a way forward. Each session concludes with a Question & Answer period.

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tabernacle assembly at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend is an annual gathering in south-​central Pennsylvania. It serves as a forum for Biblical edification focusing on spiritual renewal, fervent prayer, and absolute surrender to our King, Jesus.

Recordings from the August 2021 event are now available. Check out Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 for recordings and much more!

The 2021 theme was “Life More Abundantly” based on these life-giving words of our King:

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10
Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 recording filmstrip