Strength to Strength welcomed Renee Miles to discuss how God’s instruction for sisters’ headcovering compliments His design for womanhood.

There is an agreement among Christians that the verses in 1 Corinthians 11 are talking about a head covering, but this is where the agreement ends. Beyond that there is much debate and differences of opinion:

  • Is it a practice for today?
  • Is it an actual item to wear?
  • Do we wear it all the time?
  • What should a head covering look like?

The journey to discovering solid answers to the many questions and arguments in this area was a long one but worth the effort. Renee will share the experience of what she and her husband learned that led to their conviction.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Resource: More-detailed testimony by Renee Mills, 2023 (audio MP3).

Resource: YouTube: “Head Coverings: History, Context, and Exegesis” by Carlton C. McLeod

Resource: YouTube: “Headcovering Series” by Finny Kuruvilla:

Resource: YouTube: “Headship Series” by Matthew Milioni:

Resource: “A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs” by David Bercot (currently out-of-print, check back January 2025).

Did God Really Mean What He Said?

I got out of bed this morning
Got dressed and looked in the mirror.
There was still something missing
My veil had yet to appear.
I closed my eyes and prayed
That God would speak to me here.
Was I really supposed to wear it
I needed the answer made clear.

Did God really mean what he said?
Do I have to cover my head?
Is this something that I must do?
Is this practice really truth?
Do I have to cover my head?

I thought upon the scriptures
I asked to be taught by His Word.
I desire to serve Him in honor
So in veiling, I need to be sure.
God’s Word has never failed me,
His Spirit has always shown,
The answer to my questions,
So now I needed to know.


First in His Word he showed me
My place is under the man,
Under God and Christ my Savior
I can rest in his perfect plan.
I need this authority o’er me
I need the protection – I’m blessed
As this covering lays upon me,
God keeps me in perfect rest.


Next in His Word the Spirit
Taught me unseen things that be.
Of angels that live in our presence
And de-sire to look in on me.
The angels watch and listen
In God’s word it clearly says,
And because of the angels watching,
I ought to have power on my head.


Then my hair was placed before me
I was humbled at how I had been.
Unveiled I exposed my glory
And flaunted it before all men.
If man’s glory ought to be covered
Then why did I reveal my own?
If God’s glory is what I desire
God’s glory is all I should show.

Yes, God really meant what he said!
I have to cover my head.
This is something that I must do.
And this practice is really truth.
I desire to cover my head.

Renee Miles

Renee Miles family profile pic

Renee was raised without any religion or faith. Christ came to her unexpectedly at 27 years old. She wasn’t looking for him but he was faithfully seeking her. She came face to face with Christ September 13, 2002 when she reluctantly attended a Friday night church service while living in Detroit, Michigan. She has been in love with her Savior ever since that day.

Renee has been married to her best friend, Chad, for 31 years. They have 8 children (6 boys and 2 girls) ranging in age from 28 to 6 years old. They also have three grandchildren that are 5, 2, and 1 yr. (this August). Their family currently lives in Holmes County, Ohio.

Since meeting Christ in 2002, Renee has walked many walks of the Christian faith, from charismatic Pentecostal, to independent fundamental Baptist, to a conservative Bible believing Christian embracing many Anabaptist values. She delights in God’s Word and desires to see it lived out to the fullest in her life and in the lives of her brothers and sisters. Sharing her testimony and exhortation are ways Renee can share with others God’s love and His Word and the effect of both of these on her life, and also share the hope and promise others can have for their lives.

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