Strength to Strength welcomes Anita Yoder to discuss mentoring – an underappreciated opportunity for the older to disciple the younger.

This talk is specifically for sisters only. Thanks!

“Could I have your recipe?” Women ask each other this all the time. We are good at sharing tips about laundry and cooking. What if we could be just as eager to learn and share on a deeper level–“recipes” of prayer, relationships, and knowing God’s character? What have you learned from others, and how could you in turn give others what you’ve been given? Let’s explore the possibilities!

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Anita Yoder was born in Virginia. At age 21, she moved with her family to Ireland for a church plant. Most of her family lives there. She lived and worked 19 years in Ireland and Poland before returning to the US which by then felt like a foreign country. She currently lives in northwestern Pennsylvania, works at Faith Builders, and loves her church, Meadville Mennonite Chapel. She thrives on engaging in lively conversations, creating with color and words, and eating food that talks back to her. She keeps a blog and has written the book Life is For Living, Not for Waiting Around. Most of all, she cares about living and loving like Jesus: a tall order for a fallible, emotional human.

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