Strength to Strength welcomed Beth Byler to discuss God’s design for women to be nurturing those around them.

Do women naturally nurture? What is God’s call to us as women as we raise children, minister to our husbands, or reach outside our homes? How can we nurture each other as sisters? Can we nurture if we aren’t being nurtured? We want to raise children that are emotionally secure and well prepared to face life. We have a huge part to play in making that happen.

How can we be used of God as women to nurture life and what is our calling in that?

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Beth lives in Perry County Pennsylvania with her husband and now nine children. They have eleven children ranging in age from twenty-three to three. Their two oldest daughters are married and each have a baby boy. Beth is enjoying the challenges of being mom and grandma every chance she gets. She also helps to care for John’s down syndrome brother, Luke, who lives with them and gives them lots of opportunity for laughter and fun. They attend Perry Believers Fellowship in Elliottsburg.

She loves walks with her husband, homeschooling her children, baking sourdough bread, visiting a lonely neighbor, and rocking her “baby”. Beth is looking to Jesus every day to give strength and wisdom in this journey of motherhood and beyond. She longs to be a blessing to her sisters in Christ as we work together to nurture life.

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