Strength to Strength welcomed Renita Petersheim to discuss a biblical view of what it means to be a person and why it is integral to our faith today.

In Genesis 1 and 2, when God created the earth, particularly mankind, He pronounced “very good”. Sometimes that is hard to believe as we experience life through our bodies, personalities, sexuality, and stories. We’ll talk about the incongruence we may feel at times and examine God’s creative design and purpose for us.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Renita Petersheim lives in Fredericksburg, PA, with her husband Daryl, where he pastors Family Harvest Mennonite Church. She is mother to six children, ages 8 through 23, and Grammy to her first grandson, born to her oldest son and daughter-in-law in February. She loves a good cup of coffee, travelling, working in her perennial flower beds, and moving (she moved last summer, and intends to this summer). Most of all, she loves discovering treasures in the Word of God, and sharing them with others through teaching and speaking.

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