Strength to Strength welcomed Matthew Milioni to discuss the relationship that God wants his people to have with the kingdoms of the world.

How is a Christian to relate to a national holiday such as Independence Day and the celebration of the American Revolution? What is our role as Christians who belong to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Join us for a very important conversation around the Christian and the empire.

Thanks to Kevin Brechbill who helped to develop this presentation, but was unexpectedly unable to participate.

Book by David Bercot: In God We Don’t Trust

YouTube video by David Bercot: What the Early Christians Believed about the Two Kingdoms

YouTube video interviewing David Bercot: The American Revolution and the Kingdom of God

YouTube video interviewing Dean Taylor: Nationalism and the Kingdom of God

YouTube video interviewing Kevin Brechbill: Kingdom Responsibility and Politics

Article by Dru Lattin: The Stars and Stripes and the Tension Between


YouTube video debate: “It’s Just War” – Should Christians Fight?

YouTube video debate: Debate on Christianity and Voting

True Christians never use their ‘liberty’ to rule over the godly or the godless. They use no kind of force, but rather allow themselves to be ruled over. They suffer force and violence with patience and love until the end of the world.

Pilgram Marpeck, an early Anabaptist leader

There is nothing more foreign to a Christian than public affairs.

Tertullian, an early church father

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