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Intentional Forgiveness: Keeping our Spirits Free and Clean

Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Edith Burkholder to discuss how to move on from difficult situations, make peace with our past, and grow through it all by learning to forgive eachother as God has forgiven us.

As we live and serve with other people, there are sometimes misunderstandings and problems in relationships. Edith will share about things that have helped her in times when she felt stuck in ruts of thinking and helped to bring her to more full forgiveness.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Recommended: Talk by Edith Burkholder’s husband, Merle Burkholder

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Edith has had a full, rich life with various expanding experiences. She was raised in a large family, including three adopted siblings. She is a wife to Merle, and mother to five children including two who aren’t biological offspring. Her first baby died at three days old. Her family served in missions in NW Ontario and Haiti since 1978, as well as having been involved in helping bring refugees to Canada the past few years. Edith also is a survivor of sexual abuse. All of these things have helped her grow and rely on God for wisdom.

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