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Intentional Formation: Living Young Adult Years with Purpose

Strength to Strength Sisters welcomes Joy Weiler to discuss living with purpose and intentionality, and avoiding an aimless wandering through life.

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For many people, the young adult years are a time of discovering who we are, what we are passionate about, and what gifts and abilities God has given us. Scripture calls youth to be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity.

These years are formational, and our choices can shape the trajectory of our lives. We will explore some ways to be intentional to use the young adult years well to serve and grow and build Christ’s Kingdom.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Joy was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the fourth child in a family of ten children. She lived in Northwestern Ontario for many of her childhood years, moving back to Pennsylvania when she was thirteen. As a young adult Joy spent several years working in an urban teen girls’ ministry alongside beginning her journey into medicine. She completed an EMT class, shortly followed by going to college for her paramedic license. After several years of working and volunteering as a paramedic, and on the verge of burnout, Joy decided to take a break and refocus on her walk with Christ.

Joy spent a year in Asia where her passion and desire for serving in the medical field was revived, and in 2018 she started studying as a pre-med student at Sattler College. In the spring of 2022 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology.

Joy is currently working in cancer research in Boston as she awaits an acceptance into further medical training. She is thriving in the Followers of the Way church community, and is excited about the abundant opportunities to share the Gospel around her.

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