Strength to Strength welcomed Adam Boyd to discuss the selection of Old Testament text sources.

In light of the increased attention the Septuagint has received in recent years, Adam discusses what role the Septuagint should have in translating the Old Testament into English and other languages, including whether or not it should replace the Masoretic Text as the primary source text for translation.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.


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Note to our audience:

The idea that the Greek Septuagint, rather than the Hebrew scriptures, was the Bible of the early church is explored in more detail in this Talk on S2S: “Sacred Writings: The Bible Jesus Read” by Chuck Pike.

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Adam Boyd has served as the Bible Translation Advisor for the Enga people of Papua New Guinea since 2012. In 2023 Adam and the Enga translation team completed their translation of the New Testament into the Enga language. Adam is also the translator of the Byzantine Text Version (an English translation of the New Testament) and the editor of the Text-Critical English New Testament and the Text-Critical Greek New Testament, both of which are Byzantine texts that compare differences found in eleven editions of the Greek New Testament. In addition to his work with the New Testament, Adam has also produced the Updated Brenton English Septuagint and the American Standard Version: Byzantine Text with Apocrypha, both of which are available at Adam and his wife Martha have three children: Jacob, Bella, and Asher.

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