Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed three sisters, Edith Burkholder, Doreen Kurtz, and Tirza Kurtz to join a panel discussion on navigating our emotions and using them for God’s glory.

Women were created beautifully as emotional beings, but these God-given emotions can sometimes be destructive. How can we navigate these feelings and use them for His glory? Join us as we hear from three sisters in different ages of life as they answer questions on how they are living well with their emotions.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Edith has had a full, rich life with various expanding experiences. She was raised in a large family, including three adopted siblings. She is a wife to Merle, and mother to five children including two who aren’t biological offspring. Her first baby died at three days old. Her family served in missions in NW Ontario and Haiti since 1978, as well as having been involved in helping bring refugees to Canada the past few years. Edith also is a survivor of sexual abuse. All of these things have helped her grow and rely on God for wisdom.

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Doreen Kurtz lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Joe and their soon-to-be eight children. They are part of Disciples Fellowship . Joe and Doreen own Coronation Cafe in downtown Amherst. They are passionate about seeing Jesus Kingdom grow in this town by providing a welcoming place for folks to nourish their bodies, and have meaningful conversation.

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Tirza Kurtz currently lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley serving God’s special children at Faith Mission Home. After spending her childhood years in Oklahoma, she lived with her family in Kenya from the ages of 12-20.

A people-loving introvert and the oldest of nine children Tirza is always looking for ways to intentionally connect with God and prioritize growing while still investing in the relationships around her.

In the last couple years, God has taken her on journey of finding her true identity and calling in the Kingdom as a woman. She especially loves teaching and sharing what she’s learned with other young women.

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