Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Lisa Peters to discuss their family’s journey into the unchartered territory of homeschooling.

My husband and I were both public schooled, I never even dreamed of homeschooling my own children… that is until our first child was born. The love and responsibility we felt to train him up in the Lord weighed heavily on our hearts, and we only wanted what was right.

When he was five, after a long battle of deciding which route to take, we finally made the decision to homeschool. I was so excited, yet so scared. I felt privileged for the opportunity, yet anxious for the responsibility. What if I did something terribly wrong? What if I neglected to teach a very important concept? What if…???

I want to share what we’ve learned over the years, though we’ve made many mistakes. I want to share our homeschool journey, though it’s far from finished.

My prayer is that someone might be inspired, be encouraged, be strengthened, as I often have been when listening to other moms share their journey.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Simon and I have been married for seventeen years this summer, and the Lord has blessed us with six healthy children, three boys, and three girls, ages ranging from six to sixteen.

We live in La Crete, Alberta, and we are thankful to be a part of a rapidly growing church that is passionate about serving the Lord. I was raised here, my husband was partially raised here as well, the other part was in Bolivia, South America.

I gave my life to the Lord when I was 18, though I had almost no understanding of God’s promises and His love for me. Since then, we have been on the learning journey, and I’m so very thankful for the life we now live in Christ, serving Him, learning more about Him, and learning to depend on His guidance, mercy and grace in the big things as well as the everyday things.

Our greatest passions as a family are serving the Lord together, fellowshiping with people, learning, hunting and travelling.

We focus on doing life together as a family as much as possible, which is a big reason why we’ve been homeschooling these past ten (!) years. We’re not finished with this race; we’re still very much running. So far, it’s been an amazing, crazy, incredible, painful, joyful, faith building, patience lengthening, God praising journey!

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