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Overcoming Evil God’s Way

Strength to Strength welcomed Stephen Russell to discuss radical peacemaking.

The early church and the first Anabaptists heard not only that God loves us and wants to save us, but they also heard, more clearly than many other Christians, that turning to Jesus has definite and clear implications, namely, that God’s people are to cooperate with Him so that His grace will change us on the inside, thus enabling us more fully and effectively to be His ambassadors to a lost, hurting world.

Today we will look at the biblical, historical, and theological foundations of nonresistance and perhaps consider some practical ideas for living as peacemakers (the literal word used in the Sermon on the Mount) in a very violent, hate-wracked world.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Overcoming Evil God's Way by Stephen Russell

Resource: “Overcoming Evil God’s Way” by Stephen Russell

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Stephen Russell has taught at Faith Builders for 23 years.  Prior to that, he has taught in private Christian schools for five years and worked for Choice Books for 18 years. He received a BA in European Studies from George Mason University and a MA in Church History and Theology from Wheaton Grad School.

Stephen was drawn to the Anabaptists after he gave his life to the Lord and realized that God doesn’t want His people killing anyone.  Just before he turned 21, he joined the Beachy Amish as a result of his quest for a nonresistant church. In 2008, he wrote a book on the historical and theological basis for nonresistance called Overcoming Evil God’s Way.

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