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Patriotic Ambassadors: Crossing Cultures

Strength to Strength welcomes Leonard Hege to discuss bringing the written word of God to unreached people groups.

Being an effective ambassador requires a familiarity with the society in which we represent our King. What about our host culture is hostile to the message we bring? What provides an open door for ministry? This talk provides a case study in thinking about strategic ambassadorship.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Leonard is an Old Testament Bible translator working with All-Nations Bible Translation. He will be sharing his experiences of cross-cultural work with a Bibleless group in southern Mexico.

Leonard is sent by his home congregation at Shippensburg Christian Fellowship.

This presentation is part of a series called “Patriotic Ambassadors.” Be sure to follow the entire series:

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Kingdom Fellowship Weekend is an annual gathering in south-​central Pennsylvania. It serves as a forum for Biblical edification focusing on spiritual renewal, fervent prayer, and absolute surrender to our King, Jesus.

Recordings from the August 2021 event are now available. Check out Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 for recordings and much more!

The 2021 theme was “Life More Abundantly” based on these life-giving words of our King:

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10
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