Strength to Strength welcomed Bryant Martin to discuss how we can be ambassadors of radical welcome.

What on earth is hospitality anyhow? Is it a hallmark of our King and his kingdom? If so, how are we going to remove the bottlenecks to be obedient citizens?

My goal is to convince you that at the heart of Christianity and kingdom advance is bringing-heaven-to-earth hospitality.

There are two mandates in the New Testament. One is witness, the other is service. To ignore either of them is to seriously cripple the church . . . to engage in evangelism of soul without recognition that those souls also have bodies is foolish and unreal . . . love which is demonstrated in tangible acts of Christian caring is irresistible.

Stanley Mooneyham

Jesus wants a society of redeemed people to show the world what the whole world would look like if everybody obeyed the King.

John D. Martin

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Bryant recently shared a topic with Anabaptists Perspectives called “Christian Hospitality and Why It Matters.” Listen to these two episodes for a foundation for this talk.

Bryant Martin family profile pic

If you’ve met Bryant Martin, you know his passion for God, love of people, and delight in great coffee are always shining through.

His love of relationships is seen through the ventures he shares in. He is part of the executive committee at All-Nations Bible Translation where they envision “communities of believers in every language group living out the Word of God.”

Bryant is the founder of Sowers Harvest Cafe in State College, Pennsylvania. Besides accomplishing their mission of “naturally healthy cuisine served with a ❤ of welcome,” they also host monthly “Cultural Nights” where an international friend shares about their country and culture.

Bryant is also a part of the Strength to Strength team, where his commitment to advancing the kingdom of God is greatly appreciated.

Bryant is married to Lynelle, and together they have six children. They are a part of the Followers of Jesus congregation, also in State College, where they are active church-builders.

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