Strength to Strength welcomed Gary Miller to discuss his recent book, Reaching America.

Few of our unbelieving American neighbors are coming to faith and joining our conservative Anabaptist fellowships. Does our culture lack spiritual interest, are we doing something wrong, or should this be considered normal?

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.


Reaching America front cover 3D

Gary Miller pic

Gary Miller was raised in California and today lives with his wife Patty and family in Idaho. Besides serving his congregation in Caldwell, Idaho, Gary also works with the poor in developing countries and directs the SALT Microfinance Solutions program for Christian Aid Ministies.

Besides Reaching America, Gary has also authored a range of books including Church Matters, Where Is Lazarus?, Surviving the Tech Tsunami*, and more than a dozen others.

* Resource: “Surviving the Tech Tsunami” presentation by Gary Miller at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend

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