Ted Byler. Written from an Anabaptist perspective, this book is an in-depth study of the entire book of Revelation. The author uses Scripture to understand the visions. Discover Revelation’s real message written to bring comfort and assurance in a time of trial and suffering.


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Ted Byler. Revelation: a book of questions. A book of symbolic language. A book often avoided to keep away from interpretation disagreements. The Mystery of Christ in the Revelation, an in-depth study from an Anabaptist perspective, progresses verse-by-verse through the entire book. Discover the key to understanding Revelation by studying it in its context and within the intent of the rest of Scripture.

615 pp. Hardcover.

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1 review for The Mystery of Christ in the Revelation
Ted Byler

  1. Bahler

    I have read this through about every two years for the last ten years. Each time I understand more, and am amazed how pertinent it remains with the changing of even most recent times. It covers Genesis – Revelation, showing the Mystery of Christ revealed. Very historical, very up to date, no fluff. Very inspiring to live for Jesus today and also look for a great tomorrow. The author draws from solid resources and avoids personal speculation on things that are a mystery.

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