Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Bernice Troyer to share lessons from the experiences of Sarai and Hagar.

Full of frustration with her own her faulty plan to help God, Sarai deals hardly with Hagar. Hagar runs to the desert to escape the abuse, but the Lord’s angel asks her to return to her mistress and submit under her hand. (Genesis 16)

Why? And how does this apply to the difficult relationship in my life? What can I do about the woman who controls / manipulates me and makes my life difficult? Let’s talk about it in this next session.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Being married to Hosea Troyer, director of Faith Mission Home, is an adventure of 34 years now.

We’ve lived in Ohio, in Kenya, and currently in Virginia.

Our family includes: nine children, four good in-laws, and eight grandchildren. A quiet nod to three miscarried babies.

My life story is a funny one. Across the years, I have arrogantly decided what I would and wouldn’t do.

Howeveh – for most of those “ I don’t ever want to…” declarations, God took my hand and gently led me into it. Large family. Home education. Mission work. And much more.

To my astonishment, I have loved what I thought I wouldn’t. I shouldn’t have been surprised….

Like earthly parents with their children, He knows what we want, so much better than we do.

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