Strength to Strength welcomed Finny Kuruvilla to explore the value of grasping the Biblical languages.

Are you reliant on commentators and online translation tools to inform you of the meaning behind the strange characters that consititute the original writings?

If you’re linguistically inclined, “It sounds like Greek to me” does not need to be your posture going forward. The Biblical languages are attainable, as demonstrated by history when learning Greek, Latin, and Hebrew was commonplace among academics.

Is Biblical language for you? Is the investment worth the return? Does a grasp on the language retain its valuable in a world of online tools? Finny will answers these questions and more.

For those who are not prepared to venture into this field, Finny will share tips for the use of interlinear tools, as well as caution in their limitations.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Finny Kuruvilla works with Eventide Asset Management, a values-based and faith-based investing firm. He is a physician who works at the intersection of business, investing, and healthcare.

He is the founder and a current board member of Sattler College, a Christian college located in downtown Boston.

He has a keen interest in biblical interpretation and church history, for the purpose of fostering a strong and vibrant church today. He writes about this topic in his book, King Jesus Claims His Church. His interests also include ante-Nicene Christianity, Reformation and Anabaptist history, and the Great Awakenings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Finny lives with his wife Laura, six sons and two daughters in the greater Boston area, and is a part of the church Followers of the Way.

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