Following is the tentative schedule for Strength to Strength.

6:00am: “Leveraging Business for Kingdom Advance – part 1” by Finny Kuruvilla

3:00pm: “Leveraging Business for Kingdom Advance – part 2” by Finny Kuruvilla
May 1“Contending Earnestly for the Faith” by Clark Wray
May 8Part 1 – “King and Country: the King Foreshadowed” by Chuck Pike
May 15“When Jesus Says ‘Follow Me'” by Adomati Siraji
May 22“Does My Understanding of the Atonement Matter?” by Philip Hess
May 29Part 2 – “King and Country: the King Arrives” by Wendell Martin
June 5
June 12“My Journey into the Kingdom” by Daniel Willis
June 19Part 3 – “King and Country: the King’s Constitution” by John D. Martin
* Please note that April 24 has a different format; see details on Special Events page.

We welcome suggestions for topics or speakers. Please contact us with your suggestion.

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tabernacle assembly at Kingdom Fellowship Weekend

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend is an annual gathering in south-​central Pennsylvania. It serves as a forum for Biblical edification focusing on spiritual renewal, fervent prayer, and absolute surrender to our King, Jesus.

2021 event coming soon! This theme for this year is “Life More Abundantly.” Join us on August 20-22, 2021.

Please visit the Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2021 for more details about attending.

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10