The information below does not apply to Strength to Strength Sisters. For the sisters’ series, visit our S2S Sisters Series page.

S2S Series feature a topic of particular interest over several months of non-consecutive meetings by different speakers.

Upcoming S2S Series

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Past S2S Series

Thy Kingdom Come

This 4-part presentation series called “Thy Kingdom Come” explores God’s ultimate desire for His creation: for mankind to live as a harmonious society in alignment with God’s design. Starting with Eden, and later Israel, and ultimately Jesus and His kingdom, God’s heart for a community of people who love His ways is God’s vision that we are priviledged to help accomplish in our time.

Sacred Writings

This 7-part presentation series called “Sacred Writings” focuses on the purpose, development, and constitution of the Scriptures, as well as exploring the best source texts, discussing the value of the Apocrypha, and thinking through the merits of learning Biblical languages.

Patriotic Ambassadors

This 9-part presentation series called “Patriotic Ambassadors” focuses on evangelism, church planting, and being ambassadors for our King.

King and Country

This 7-part presentation series called “King and Country” offers a two-kingdom perspective on the work of our King in establishing an earthly nation through His peculiar people.