Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Rosa Nolt to share on the difference between service and sensationalism and its impacts on ministry.

What is the difference between service and sensationalism and how do they impact ministry? Are some avenues of serving more glamorous than others?

Rosa will be sharing some about her experiences in Thailand and working with women at risk. She will also share about the transition she went through in serving overseas on the mission field to becoming a wife and mother and finding new avenues of serving. She’ll talk some about human trafficking and how we can be aware of our surroundings and aid in prevention, even as we go about our everyday lives.

We’ll zero in on what it looks like to minister with a servant’s heart in whatever role we find ourselves in right now, and on remaining faithful even when serving doesn’t look or feel as glamorous as we had hoped or envisioned.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Rosa grew up in a family of seven children on a farm near Gap, Pennsylvania. Soon after high-school, Rosa enjoyed teaching school for five years, and then switched to a student role and attended Institute for Global Opportunities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During her time as a student there, Rosa felt God laying a burden on her heart for the Thai women and doors opened for her to join Ransom Ministries, a ministry to women working in the red-light district. She experienced many ups and downs during the 8+ years of living and serving there in Thailand, and is so grateful for all that God taught her during those years.

Rosa moved back to the States in 2018, and she and Dave got married in 2019. She joined Dave in the city of Reading where he has served for many years, teaching school, working with youth, and using his handyman skills in many ways. A little girl joined their home in 2021. Rosa now loves her role as a wife and mother, but has walked through adjustments while learning to serve in new ways by supporting her husband and caring for her precious daughter.

Rosa enjoys making her home a haven for her family and all who enter. She also enjoys running an Airbnb next door to her home and preparing it for guests. She is grateful for the opportunity to relate to people of many different cultures in the city where she lives. Relationships are important to her and she loves connecting with friends. She desires that her life points others to the One Who saved and redeemed her.

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