The vision of Strength to Strength Sisters is to encourage women to be catalysts in advancing the kingdom through Biblical teaching, testimonies of faithful women, and thought-provoking discussions.

All sisters are welcome to join and participate through Zoom/phone. Talks will be held on the first Saturday of each month.

We host women speakers who are supportive of a Christ-centered, kingdom-focused, Scripture-based way of life, specifically as modeled by the Anabaptist tradition.

We invite you to pray with us. May God use this platform to spread His message to His daughters and grow faithful servants for His kingdom.

Upcoming Talks

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December 2 by a panel of three sisters:
“Navigating the Seasons:
Living Well with Our Emotions”

January 6 by Rosa Nolt:
“Service Versus Sensationalism:
Our Response to Human Trafficking”

If you have a suggested topic or guest speaker, please contact us.

All sisters are welcome to join us. The meetings begin at 3:00 PM ET. The meetings will last approximately an hour. Anyone can connect for free using Zoom or phone:

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Past Talks

To see our themes, please go to the S2S Sisters Themes page.


  • Cultivating Meaningful Relationships With Our Daughters

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Carol Nisly to share on how mothers can best build and strengthen their relationships with their daughters. Carefully stacked in a little-used cupboard, the Homer Laughlin bluebird set from one great-grandma is nestled beside another pattern handed down from another great-grandmother. These old dishes are among the treasures our daughters will…

  • Intentional Growth: Reflecting with Prayer & Journaling

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Dorcas Showalter to share on intentional growth, specifically through the ways of reflection with prayer and journaling. Often amidst the difficulties in this broken world, we can feel stuck between what is our reality and what we wish our lives would be like. Through many of these times in her own…

  • Intentional Rest: Living in Belovedness

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Dawn Nolt to share on how to connect with others and help encourage rest for their souls. Living in a world driven by technology, and in a culture devoted to family, productivity and ministry, many of us find ourselves busy and exhausted. Regularly quieting our hearts and replenishing our souls has…

  • Intentional Finances: Using Our Resources for the Kingdom

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Lynelle Martin to share how we can “cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days,” and how this can relate to our finances. Let’s look at some resources that God has entrusted us with and also at why He has done this. How should we…

  • Intentional Bible Study: Reflect, Learn, Steward

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Irene Bontrager to share helpful tools to strengthen your Bible study. This talk begins by discussing how intentional Bible study can reflect God’s love to those around us. The Bible is the story how God made a covenant with Abraham to bless His people. The overarching theme is about God’s creation,…

  • From Selfishness to Serving – A Sister’s Testimony

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Kayla Rogers to share her testimony. Kayla comes from a worldly, broken upbringing. While on her own in college at the young age of 17, God showed her the truth that she will share in this Talk: life is only worth living when you devote yourself to God. An interactive question-and-answer…

  • Intentional Relationships: Peace Within, Between, and Among

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Janelle Glick to share on the blessings and challenges of intentionally creating peaceful relationships among ourselves. This talk begins with noting friendship strengths of women in Scripture, and then moves on to explore the adventure of opening ourselves to God’s call to live at peace with ourselves, in one-on-one relationships with…

  • BONUS TALK: Navigating the Seasons: A Discussion on Purposeful Motherhood

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed four sisters to join a panel discussion on motherhood. Four mothers in different seasons of life will answer questions on subjects like meeting God in mothering, serving with our children, and more. Come thinking about your mothering and how God wants to grow you in your current season. You will…

  • Intentional Formation: Living Young Adult Years with Purpose

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Joy Weiler to discuss living with purpose and intentionality, and avoiding an aimless wandering through life. For many people, the young adult years are a time of discovering who we are, what we are passionate about, and what gifts and abilities God has given us. Scripture calls youth to be an…

  • Intentional Forgiveness: Keeping our Spirits Free and Clean

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Edith Burkholder to discuss how to move on from difficult situations, make peace with our past, and grow through it all by learning to forgive eachother as God has forgiven us. As we live and serve with other people, there are sometimes misunderstandings and problems in relationships. Edith will share about…

  • Intentional Discipleship: A New Testament Vision for Women in the Church

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Kristi Mast to share on the importance of discipleship among sisters. If women are told to be silent in the church, keepers at home, and meek and quiet, what does it look like for them to participate in the life of the church? Why does the church need women to study…

  • Intentional Modesty: Seeking God’s Heart for His Daughters

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Laura Kuruvilla to share her journey in the area of modesty and headcovering and addresses some of the pressing questions that surround us in this age. Why does God want us to dress modestly? How do we even come up with a definition of modesty? Is modesty defined by the culture…


  • Called to the Kingdom – Ways Sisters Can Serve

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Crystal Miller, Susan Schlabach and Charlene Stoltzfus for a panel discussion on ways sisters can serve others in specific roles. An interactive question-and-answer period follows. I live in Central Kansas with my husband John and daughter Jenna. I am passionate about being a part of growing God’s kingdom by supporting…

  • Born Crucified: The Secret to Finding Our Way

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Mariel Frost for a discussion of their family’s spiritual journey. Leaving the culture in which we were raised can be unsettling. Finding our way to a Kingdom lifestyle is often especially difficult for us women. So, what is the secret to success? How can we help others in this transition? How can…

  • Room at the Table

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Jamila Kurtz for a conversation in missional hospitality. Do you spend your days changing diapers, washing dishes and sorting through piles of laundry? Does doing something to advance the kingdom of God seem like an elusive, distant dream? My life was changed forever when I began to see our home as…

  • Our Homeschool Journey

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Lisa Peters to discuss their family’s journey into the unchartered territory of homeschooling. My husband and I were both public schooled, I never even dreamed of homeschooling my own children… that is until our first child was born. The love and responsibility we felt to train him up in the Lord…

  • The God Who Sees

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Natasha Sweazy to contrast the worldviews from women in the Bible to the world today. From the cries of women saying, “give me children or I will die” to “give me children and I’ll die”. No matter what stage of life you are in, whether it be women with a…

  • Return to Thy Mistress

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Bernice Troyer to share lessons from the experiences of Sarai and Hagar. Full of frustration with her own her faulty plan to help God, Sarai deals hardly with Hagar. Hagar runs to the desert to escape the abuse, but the Lord’s angel asks her to return to her mistress and submit…

  • Visiting the Fatherless in Their Distress

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Marcia Zimmerman to share about seeking God’s heart for ways to minister in the brokenness that comes with trauma and prenatal exposure to substance abuse. An interactive question-and-answer period follows. Resources: In my infancy, as a “fatherless child” in need of a home, my parents answered the call of James 1:27…

  • From the World and Into His Kingdom

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Christina Baer to share her life testimony. Christina grew up in a home with her mom and younger sister in Calgary, Alberta. She had little religious influences and God was not part of their home. Christina struggled with depression and in her search for joy, she found it in a place…

  • Beauty in Suffering

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Linda Miller to share on how God redemptively lightens the dark journeys of our lives. In a world of brokenness, we experience pain and hardship. We shy away form suffering, longing for healing and relief from the pain. How can there be beauty in my difficult circumstances? Can any good come…

  • The Battle for Emotional Purity

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Darla Weaver for a practical topic for women of all ages. Mothers, please be conscious of the age and maturity of your listening daughters. Thank you! What happens when we bring God into the secret longings of our heart? What does emotional purity look like for a young woman? How does…

  • Faithfully Running the Race, Seeing Eternity

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Deborah Bercot to reflect on characters whose lives are worth replicating. Running the race faithfully to the end, even unto death. Our sisters and brothers have done this through the ages. Deborah presents a glimpse into the lives of some early Christian and Anabaptist sisters who faithfully ran their race towardChrist…


  • God, Grace, and Godly Womanhood

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Darla Weaver for this important and timely topic. What does it mean to walk in grace as a woman of God? In a conservative Christian culture that embraces obedience to the Word of God, grace can easily get lost in the details. My personal journey from obedience rooted in fear and…

  • The Woman’s Role in the Kingdom

    Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Tania Taylor for our first S2S Sisters’ topic. Is your heart’s deepest longing to advance the kingdom of God, right where you are today? Join us as we explore with Tania what a woman’s role should be in the kingdom of God. And come prepared – we want to hear…

We… ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

Colossians 1:9-12 NKJV

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