Main 2023

Tips for Reading the Bible

Strength to Strength welcomed Darvin Martin to explore how we can shed light on obscure Biblical passages. In this Talk, Darvin first establishes a basic framework for sound interpretation. Then through examples of commonly misunderstood passages, he examines how context and author’s intent uncovers a more faithful interpretation. If you think Biblical hermeneutics is an […]

Main 2022

Why Don’t We Love God?

Strength to Strength welcomed Darvin Martin to discuss what Peter meant when he said: “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts…” The primary command that God has given us is to love Him with all of our being. But how can we love a God whom we mistrust? From the garden of Eden to […]

Main 2021

In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions

Strength to Strength welcomed Darvin Martin for a Bible study of John 14. Are you looking forward to a mansion in heaven? Waiting for Christ to come again and take us to the place which He has prepared? Scores of Gospel songs feed this anticipation. But what specifically did Jesus promise in John 14? 2 […]