Is Your Christian Life Hard?

Strength to Strength welcomed Glenn Martin for a discussion about the yoke of Jesus. What does it mean that Jesus' yoke is "easy" and his burden is "light?" In this Talk, Glenn discusses how our perception of God and the motivations for our obedience affect our joy - or lack thereof. Many Christians believe there is…

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“Righteous Lot?”
by Glenn Martin Glenn Martin has a passion for the Old Testament. With the conviction that “all these things happened to them as examples, and that they were written for our admonition,” he contends it should remain an instructive text for Christians today. Outside of his employment obligations, he participates in a range of kingdom initiatives,…

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by Glenn Martin

Behind the Scenes:
History, Vision/Mission, Exciting Update in Interview with S2S

Reagan Schrock from Anabaptist Perspectives joins us at the table to interview us on how Strength to Strength got started (did you know what S2S was originally called!?). We lay out the vision and mission, and also get into what's currently happening at here. We wrap up with talking about something we have been working…

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History, Vision/Mission, Exciting Update in Interview with S2S

God Wins at Midnight

Strength to Strength welcomed Glenn Martin to explore a little-known Messianic prophesy. What does the final plague of Egypt have in common with the Incarnation? What does the Wisdom of Solomon offer to bring together these two accounts? And what classic Christmas hymn do we sing that foretells the birth of the Messiah by invoking the…

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Give Me This Mountain!

Strength to Strength welcomed Glenn Martin to discuss the story of the twelve spies who were sent into Canaan. When they returned, Joshua and Caleb were ready to face the giants and conquer: "Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it." The other ten said: "There we…

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