“Jesus and the Mennonites”
by Hector Troyer

Buy this book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu5a3OD1HIY Hector Troyer and his wife Lois have five boys and one girl. They are a part of the Followers of Jesus congregation in State College, Pennsylvania. They are praying towards establishing an Anabaptist community in Hawaii. He believes that it is essential that the Gospel be presented in the context of a faithful…

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by Hector Troyer

Peacemaking Through Conflict

Strength to Strength welcomed Hector Troyer to survey causes of and solutions to interpersonal conflict. Hector will look at healthy and unhealthy responses to conflict-triggering situations. Even more importantly, he will be exploring simple techniques that can reduce the negative power of conflicts in our lives. An interactive question-and-answer period follows. Recommended book: "Radical Collaboration"…

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