Main 2022

Patriotic Ambassadors: Reclaiming Responsibility

Strength to Strength welcomed Zack Johnson to discuss how those politically uninvolved are to remain active in effecting change in the world. Given voting is an abdication of responsibility, then how should Christ followers be reclaiming responsibility? This talk explores Christianity’s burden in global poverty and world change. Together with David Anderson, the two introduce James […]

Main 2021

Contending Earnestly for the Faith

Strength to Strength welcomed Zack Johnson and Clark Wray to discuss the ministries of The Historic Faith, and Sattler College. Clark Wray joined to discuss The Historic Faith, a project by Sattler College in collaboration with Scroll Publishing to deliver online courses that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. Zack Johnson discussed Sattler […]

Main 2020

No Blood but Our Own

Strength to Strength welcomed Zack Johnson to share about peacemaking. He has previously served in the US Air Force, but was granted an honorable discharge after coming to an understanding of Jesus’ teaching of peacemaking. An interactive question-and-answer period follows. Zack Johnson worked for the Air Force as a congressional analyst before receiving an honorable […]