Strength to Strength welcomed Marvin* to discuss the story of the Bible as the story of God’s love towards his people, in which God condescends—takes on weakness—to form a special people set apart to him.

This paradigm of God’s purposes being accomplished through seeming weakness, is also the paradigm adopted by Jesus, Paul, and the early church. It is also the paradigm that we are called to follow. But how should that look in cross-cultural contexts? In this talk we explore the examples we have from Scripture and the early church, and then provide a few practical suggestions for what this could look like in overseas ministry.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

* alias used for security purposes.

Resource: see Marvin’s interview with All-Nations Bible Translation

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Marvin* works with Joseph* under All-Nations Bible Translation. He is actively involved in Bible translation, community development, and church planting among a large unreached Muslim people-group in southeast Asia.

* alias used for security purposes.

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