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Three Trees and a Computer Bug: Lessons in Crisis Leadership

Strength to Strength welcomed Ryan J. A. Hoover to share stories, observations, and lessons learned from leadership in crisis.

In August 2003, 55,000,000 people in eight states and Ontario lost power – some for several hours, some for multiple days – because of three trees and a computer glitch. The ensuing cascade jammed traffic, released toxic chemicals into rivers, flooded subways, closed airports, cost more than $ 10 billion, and caused the death of a hundred people.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant challenge for society over the past 2+ years, it has been acutely difficult for the healthcare sector. When that healthcare facility is operated by volunteers that live in dorms, infectious diseases are more difficult to manage. Further, the intersection of Anabaptists, government regulations, individual rights, and infectious disease, has been complex.

As the Administrator of Mountain View Nursing Home through this time, Ryan Hoover has seen much, failed often, and learned some in organizational leadership during crises.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Ryan J. A. Hoover, RN, NHA serves Mountain View Nursing Home in Aroda, VA. As the administrator, he is responsible for the clinical operation, legal and regulatory compliance and general administration of the 40-bed long-term care facility that specializes in dementia care at the end-of-life.

Ryan & Rosanna and their four children are part of the Oak Grove Mennonite Church.

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