Strength to Strength welcomed Paul Garber to think through the identity of the nation of Israel as the prophets conceptualized it in the Old Testament.

Throughout the Old Testament we read of a unique and special nation called Israel. God had a special relationship with this nation and even called them the apple of His eye. With the nation of Israel, God made special promises of land and prosperity if they continued faithful in His covenants. First with God’s covenant with their forefather Abraham, and secondly with God’s covenant given on Mt. Sinai to Moses, the nation’s founding prophet.

Reading about the special place that this nation has in God’s heart, we need to ask the questions: Who is Israel? What defined Israel as a nation in the Old Testament? And, what defines Israel as a nation today?

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Paul Garber family profile pic

Paul Garber was born and raised in an old order Amish church until he left home at 17 years old, soon after he surrendered his life to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

He spent a number of years in charismatic/pentecostal type churches, including in Brazil where he met his wife Bruna. While living in Brazil he worked as a translator and water filter distributor along the Acará and Moju Rivers in the Amazon Basin.

Paul and Bruna’s journey to understanding the kingdom of God more fully, has been influenced greatly by such teachers as David Bercot, Finny Kuruvilla and Matthew Milioni.

They currently live in Massachusetts and have five children ranging in age from one to ten years old. They fellowship and commune with Followers of the Way in Boston, Massachusetts.

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