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Bonus Talk: Walk the Talk: Spotlight on Kingdom Work – part 1

Strength to Strength will occasionally host a Talk to spotlight followers of Jesus whose lives demonstrate a walk of faith that can be an inspiration to others in the greater community of Jesus’ followers.

Strength to Strength welcomed three brothers on an off-Saturday to discuss what their lives look like being a disciple of Jesus.

The unsung heros of Jesus’ kingdom are the faithful disciples who serve their Lord without fanfare or applause.

Whether you are a warrior in secret prayer, a widow who casts in the last two mites, or a worker advancing the bleeding edge of the kingdom, you can rest assured that deeds of service do not escape the eye of our benevolent King.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.”

Anan Twijjuke profile pic

Anan Twijjuke is a young man of many talents. As a part owner of ThriveX Digital Marketing he has a passion for helping small businesses establish a robust online presence. Based in Kampala Uganda, ThriveX has a vision of providing an environment of discipleship and employment for the local church as well as creating a strong business support structure for church planting efforts throughout Africa.

Jerriel Martin profile picture

I’m Jerriel Martin, co-owner and manager at Old Market Coffee in Potsdam, New York. Our specialty is our espresso and crepes. I enjoy the challenge of managing and growing our business and the opportunity to serve our community in this way. I’m passionate about, creating a welcoming environment for our customers where we can show the love of Jesus to them, as well as a place for our team to thrive. I love to connect with people over a good meal or coffee.

John Gooch profile pic

John Gooch works with welding students at the Kazo Technical School, a vocational school in Kampala, Uganda. Their team believes every young man should develop the character and skills necessary to build things and give Uganda a brighter future.

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