Strength to Strength welcomed Darvin Martin to discuss what Peter meant when he said:

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts…”

1 Peter 3:15a

The primary command that God has given us is to love Him with all of our being. But how can we love a God whom we mistrust?

From the garden of Eden to our present day, Satan’s scheme has been to deceive people into believing that God is not working in their interest.

In this Talk, we want to learn from Peter’s exhortation, and explore why it is so important, and how it relates to becoming an overcoming Christian.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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Darvin Martin family profile pic

Darvin Martin maintains a busy schedule with his employment, his side job of producing applesauce, and his joy of raising eight children.

But anyone who meets him will soon discover his consuming interest is in fulfilling the call of God to Abraham: “walk before Me and be blameless.”

Darvin is married to Helena, and they are a part of Disciples’ Fellowship in Granby, Massachusetts.

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